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The new Bridge-Lock™ Carbon Target Bars redefine what can be expected from a stabilizer. Integrated directly into the riser, this first-of-it’s-kind machined carbon bar is up to 48% more rigid than other premium target bars. By designing the bar with the small lateral footprint and a skeletonized frame, we were able to decrease crosswind drag up to 36% over bars of the same length. Our proprietary adjustment system allows for micro-tuning in 1/2” length increments, allowing the archer to dial in perfect balance. Combined with the new Interlink Weight System, this package is the most customizable bar we have ever built.

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Engineered to the uncompromising standards of the world's best target archers, the Bridge-Lock™ Carbon Target bars are the most customizable bars we have ever built. Available in 10”, 12”, 18”, 24”, and 30” length options and two finish options to complete your target system. Approximate stabilizer weights (includes 5oz of Interlink Weights):

  • 10” = 9.72oz
  • 12” = 10.04oz
  • 18” = 11oz
  • 24” = 12.04oz
  • 30” = 13oz


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